Why Knowing the difference between hemp, cannabis, and marijuana is imperative!

Ever wonder why there is so much conflicting information on the internet about CBD? One article says it is legal, another says it is not legal. One article will refer to it as cannabis and claim legality in all 50 states, yet marijuana is not legal in every state. Then we have propaganda stating you cannot fail a drug test, while others make no mention of it or express the opposite. The misinformation out there is just astounding, and rapidly changing. I know that feeling of being overwhelmed, especially being new to cannabis and CBD. Lets break this down a little so you can feel confident in your decision to try CBD.

First, let’s get on the same page and determine what is what. Cannabis is the plant’s genus name. It consists of three species; Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. The species of Sativa does include hemp and marijuana. Now it begins to get fuzzy. Law enforcement, domestically and abroad needed a pathway to define and separate cannabis strains that would not get the user high and could be used for commercial purposes, hence the creation of hemp. Hemp is part of the cannabis Sativa variety and technically grown for industrial purposes such as rope making in the Navy. The US Government actually owns the patent on the cannabis plant compounds, but that is a whole other article! Back to basics, categorically speaking, if the plant contains less than .3% of THC, it is hemp. If the plant contains more than .3% THC, then it becomes marijuana. There is absolutely no reason to smoke hemp, because the user cannot get high as the THC quantity is too low. This little fact about THC is the major difference between marijuana and hemp when it comes to comparisons of internal components. Hemp and marijuana also have varying levels of quality which determine quality, pricing, and medicinal usage.

The source of your CBD is extremely important to know. Where did the CBD come from; hemp or marijuana? What state or country of origin grew the cannabis to be consumed? What quality and part of the cannabis plant was used to extract cannabinoids such as CBD? The flower or bud contains the highest quality and quantity of CBD? Is the CBD full spectrum which includes everything the plant has to offer or is it an isolate? An isolate means it is only one component of the plant, CBD in this case. The University of Jerusalem proved that an isolate can only provide relief up to roughly 25mg, anything more will be a waste as the capability is maxed. Full spectrum oils, on the other hand, use every component to throttle its medicinal capability by continuing to increase as the dosage increases which is necessary for pain management. IT is called the entourage effect, synonymous with synergy, as it works better together. Finally, does the company practice transparency and provide proof of its contents called a Certificate of Analysis, or COA? If not, Do Not Buy!

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As CBD continues to grow in popularity, it will be everywhere. Cheap CBD is cheap for a reason and the question is why? CBD is classified as a supplement, which means there is hardly any regulation. The FDA stated that 60% of the packaging on CBD products was misrepresented in some form. The worse cases misrepresented the CBD quantity as far less than labeled and many tested positive for THC. The world of cannabis is very grey leading to confusion. Confusion can be capitalized on easily and that could lead to a good or bad outcome depending on which side of the fence you sit. One little known example of said confusion starts with CBD sourced from legal marijuana states, such as Colorado and California. Technically, that CBD should not cross state lines, however, it does, because there is little oversight and the all mighty dollar always takes advantage. Lastly, hemp actually cleans the soil. Russia used hemp to help clean the environment up after Chernobyl. Hemp does this by extracting the contaminants out of the ground. I am not saying your CBD is nuclear, but think mercury, pesticides, mold and other soil contaminants – yuck! Think about countries such as China, their reputation is awful for many reasons! No one will care more about your health then you, so make the right choices. Reach out if you have questions or need help!

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